Sechenov MSMU Strengthens Ties with Namibia

26 September 2016 Sechenov MSMU Strengthens Ties with Namibia © MSMU

The number of African prospective students coming to Moscow keeps growing.

The number of Namibian students at the Sechenov First MSMU grows with every passing year – it rocketed from 1 in 2012 to 100 in 2016. 44 Namibians are enrolled in Pharmacy programmes, 38 in General Medicine, and 18 – in Dentistry.

Such a high level of activity is primarily due to the collaboration between the university and the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of Namibia. In 2013, MSMU joined the national program for training healthcare professionals, and that certainly made it more appealing to local students. Nonetheless, many Namibians choose First MSMU on their own and take out student loans at home to pay for their studies (rather than coming through the Ministry of Healthcare).

MSMU has a strong reputation in Namibia as well as elsewhere in Africa. The number of students from Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia also grows steadily. Many African students have stellar academic performance and play an active role in research. Six of them have recently passed numerous tests and entered the Medicine of the Future Center, the branch of the university that provides in-depth training to the most motivated and talented senior students.


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