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SibFU Holds Contest for International Prospective Students

15 February 2018
Study in Russia for foreigners
© SibFU

Winners get prizes and SibFU admission preferences.

The Smartest University Applicant in Siberia is an annual Siberian Federal University contest. Russian speaking school leavers and college graduates under 20 years of age from any country are welcome to submit their application at the university website. The contest comprises three stages. At the first stage held online, participants have to solve problems posted on the university website. The answers should be sent before 28 February. The thirty best participants advance to the second stage and will have an interview on Skype or Viber in the period from 16 to 20 March. Four hundred and sixty-five applicants who have shown the best results in online tryouts will add extra points (ten at most) to their Unified State Exam score depending on the place they win. The top 200 will get gadgets (notebooks, smartphones, tablet computers, flash drives, mp3 players etc).

Onsite finals will gather ten participants in Krasnoyarsk on 23-25 March. The winners can choose a gadget based upon how they place in the contest. Applicants from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia get a refund of one-way trip to Krasnoyarsk, hotel accommodation and meals; they can be accompanied by one person. It is an excellent opportunity to visit the university, see the campus and modern laboratories and connect with SibFU cultural activities.

Siberian Federal University offers international students an impressive range of education programmes, including the most popular ones such as Oil/Gas Field Development, Mining, Economics and Russian as a Foreign Language. In 2017, SibFU was providing training to some 700 international students from 38 countries. The university offers not only basic science education but also research opportunities; it runs 75 science labs including several international ones.

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