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SibFU Wraps Up Summer School Season

29 August 2018
SibFU Wraps up Summer School Season
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Students from more than 20 countries came to the university for five short programmes.

This summer, students from India, China, Vietnam, Mongolia, South Korea, Taiwan, Iraq, Estonia, Finland, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ghana, Nigeria, Uruguay, Brazil, Guatemala and other countries came to Siberian Federal University. They participated in schools in various fields, from economics to the Russian language. “Modern Challenges in Economic Science and Practice” was one of such schools. For several weeks, international students studied the basics of business and the evolution of financial institutions and markets and reviewed the role of science in business. Lectures were read by Russian specialists and visiting experts from Italy, South Korea and Germany.

“Monitoring and Early Warnings in Mountain Social-Ecological Systems” addressed the solution of pressing environmental problems in the Altai Mountains area. Students developed their own research projects focused on various topics including mountain ecological system fires, glacier melting, use of natural resources etc. Case study locations were Katunsky Biosphere Reserve in central Alai and Lakes Teletskoye and Manzherok.

The summer school in “Sustainable Development: Green Economy and Recycling” explored the principles of environmentally-friendly civil engineering to reduce construction waste and eliminate the harmful impact on ecology. The students, divided into groups, did projects to build several facilities.

The programme in digital transformation management was held for IT management students. It looked into digital marketing specifics, marketing concepts formation and It management software.

The Russian language school held by School of Philology and Language Communication attracted a large number of international students. They took a two-month course in Russian grammar and vocabulary attending lectures and learning new words through games and dialogues.

In their spare time, students went on sightseeing tours. They visited Stolby Nature Sanctuary, the birthplace of famous Russian writer Viktor Astafyev in Ovsyanka village, V. Surikov Art Museum in Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Power plant and joined a master class in crafting pelmeni (meat dumplings).

Russian universities offer short programmes in various fields both in summer and winter. Come to a winter school if you wish to learn more about the country, get to know the university and its teachers. See the complete list of programmes.

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