Students from 60 Countries Will Be Able to Check Their Russian Language Skills

30 March 2017 Students from 60 Countries Will Be Able to Check Their Russian Language Skills © NSU

April 8, 2017 will see two events, TruD and Total Dictation.

Total Dictations have been held since 2004. Last year, over 145,000 people from 68 countries took part in the test. It’s an open event, though a decent command of Russian is expected.

TruD test, a lighter version of this skill check, was developed for foreigners who started studying the language and still doubt their proficiency. 1054 people from 54 cities and 26 countries took it when it was first conducted in 2016. Tbilisi, Istanbul and Ankara hosted the largest assemblies of language students. TruD geography will expand in 2017 to include at least 80 cities from 34 countries. Germany, Italy and Finland will command the biggest number of test sites.

TruD test consists of six tasks of varying complexity. Participants can solve all or some of the tasks, depending on their skill level. When the test is over, individual results can be found in one’s personal account at the Total Dictation website. See examples of tasks in the same website now.

To test your mettle at Total Dictation or TruD (both are free of charge), register ahead of time at


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