Total Dictation to be held in Russia for 15th Time

12 March 2018 Total Dictation to be held in Russia for 15th Time © FEFU

Russian speaking foreigners are welcome to join the annual event.

Total Dictation will take place in 1,000 towns across the world on 14 April 2018. It brings together all those who are interested in learning Russian. The test can be written online or at designated venues. The organisers recommend to prepare for the dictation in advance using the materials posted on the Total Dictation website. Free onsite preparatory courses will be launched in 15 countries (Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan, South Africa etc) from 16 February.

Foreigners who do not speak Russian with confidence but are willing to participate in the interesting project can take the test Trud, an easy version of Total Dictation. The test includes six problems of different degrees of complexity. The participants at the beginner level only do the first simplest problems. Those who are confident of their proficiency can take the whole test and then write part of the dictation.

Register on the official website to take part in Total Dictation. Registration opens on 4 April.

Total Dictation is an annual literacy test held since 2004. In 2017, it gathered 200,000 participants from 71 states. Every year towns in Russia and other countries compete for the “Total Dictation capital” title. In 2018, it was won by Vladivostok, the host city of Far Eastern Federal University, Russia’s most modern higher education institution. Its campus facilities include academic buildings, comfortable dormitories, a technopark, an oceanarium and stadiums.


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