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TSU Presents New Undergraduate Programme in English

21 February 2018
Study in Russia for foreigners

The university invites foreign applicants to study computer science.

Tomsk State University English-taught programme Software Engineering is a pilot project based on the modern learning-by-doing concept. It promotes minimum theory and maximum practice, i.e. mastering the subject by doing practical tasks. This method is applied at European and American universities. Software Engineering students will study mathematical disciplines and programming techniques and tools. Graduates can be employed in IT industry as software and database developers, web programmers and analysts. Specialists in this area have a stable high income and are always in demand.

To apply for the programme create a personal account and send your application directly to TSU. Length of study is four years; students get a bachelor’s degree upon programme completion. Tuition fee is 237,600 rubles ($3,910) a year.

National Research Tomsk State University is a well-known education and research centre located in Siberia. It offers more than 340 Russian- and English-taught programmes to international students. In 2017, TSU had some 3,000 students from 48 countries.

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