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UTMN Invites Foreign Nationals to Apply for Postgraduate Programmes

19 June 2018
UT Invites Foreign Nationals to Apply for Postgraduate Programmes

Portfolio contest winners are eligible for free tuition and fellowship.

University of Tyumen is arranging the contest Talent ++ to encourage promising young scientists to enrol in postgraduate programmes. The organisers welcome Russian-speaking residents of all countries with masters degree from Russian or foreign universities who have published their papers in journals listed by the Russian State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles and are academic competitions winners or runners-up. To take part in the contest, send an application containing personal data, copies of your published papers, a copy of the international language proficiency certificate (if available), a copy of your patents (if available), certificates of individual achievement and a cover letter. You have to state your field of study, tentative thesis topic and prospective research advisor’s name. The documents should be emailed to aspirant@utmn.ru by 23 July 2018. The list of fields of study and education programmes and basic information about research supervisors are available on the university website.

Candidates will have to pass the tryouts in the chosen field of study. If the candidate scores at least 80 points at each examination and has their portfolio approved by the Admissions Board, they enrol in a postgraduate programme and get the rector’s fellowship in the amount of 30,000 rubles ($470).

University of Tyumen postgraduates have the opportunity to do research under the guidance of experienced teachers. The university offers more than 50 education programmes in physics, chemistry, biology, architecture, information technology, psychology, economics, law, philology and other fields.

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