Venezuelan Postgraduate Wins MISiS Science Contest

15 December 2017 Venezuelan Postgraduate Wins MISiS Science Contest © MISiS

An international student presented a report on his research in Russian becoming the university’s first ever foreigner to win the Science Slam competition.

National University of Science and Technology MISiS holds Science Slam every year. The competition is open to young scientists from Russia and other countries. A participant has ten minutes to carry out an amusing, easy-to-understand and interesting presentation of his research projects. The researcher who wins the biggest applause is the winner. In 2017, Kalim D’Elia from Venezuela, a postgraduate at the MISiS department of mineral and man-made raw materials processing, became the first ever foreigner to win the contest. “From Coal to Nanotechnology” is a clear and witty summary of his research into a production technique for nanotubes which he likened to spaghetti.

Vivek Kumar from India, another MISiS postgraduate, also took part in Science Slam 2017. He had been working on a terrorism prevention method based on the analysis of human behaviour and emotions. Science Slam has been an annual event at many Russian universities since 2013, including Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Far Eastern Federal University, ITMO National Research University, Samara University, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and Siberian Federal University.


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