Win MISIS Contest to Enrol in Graduate Programme without Examinations

30 March 2018 Win MISiS Contest to Enrol in Graduate Programme without Examinations © MISiS

Prospective students from any country are welcome.

National University of Science and Technology MISIS launches the Academician A. Bochvar international contest of projects in engineering and liberal specialties. Participants are required to present a semester or course paper, a scientific article, and a synopsis of one’s own research in Russian or English – it depends on the language of further training. The projects have to be uploaded to the website till 15 April 2018.

The contest comprises two stages. The jury selects the best papers and the university website announces the winners. During the second stage, the finalists defend their projects. They can do it onsite or mail their presentation to the jury. The papers are assessed by several criteria including practical value, literacy, the logic of the narrative etc.

The winners from non-CIS countries will be able to enrol in graduate programmes without examinations as contract students. Winners from CIS states are enrolled in MISIS graduate programmes as scholarship students. Those who present the best projects in engineering fields will join the score-based Best MISIS. Creating the Future programme offering scholarships of up to 240,000 rubles a year.


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