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International Students Testimonials

Advantages of studying in Russia for foreign nationals

Peng Shihui, China

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Welcome to IKBFU and let’s have a wonderful experience together

I’m Peng Shihui. I come from Guangzhou, a city located in the south part of China. 

I have been studying at IKBFU for 4 months. Now I study the Russian language, literature, history and social sciences at the IKBFU preparatory course. These subjects are very interesting, especially the Russian language, though it is sometimes actually difficult to understand and remember it. However, we have very nice and patient teachers, they help us a lot. And also our classmates help each other. I enjoy studying with them.

After completing the preparatory course, I’m going to study foreign language education and cross-cultural communication. A lot of people ask me why I chose Kaliningrad, well, life is full of surprises. I joined the project which is called “Russian government scholarship” and in half a year I received a scholarship for my future studies at IKBFU in Kaliningrad. At that moment my feelings were very complicated - I was surprised and nervous. I didn’t know the Russian language and I read a lot of information about Kaliningrad and IKBFU until late at night. 

When I came here all the worries vanished. My tutor helped me to deal with a lot of things, for example, with my visa and so on. And later they took me to try local Russian food like blini, I liked it very much, it’s very traditional, what you add to it is jam and cream.

And I also visited world-famous museums in Kaliningrad: Amber museum and World Ocean museum with my friends. We got to know a lot of things about amber and World Ocean and I was deeply impressed. And also here I made friends from different countries all over the world and we get along well. I took part at the International New Year concert where I demonstrated one of Chinese traditions which is called “paper cutting”.

I live with a lot of Russian people in the dormitory, they are very friendly. When we cook in the kitchen they share the Russian food with me. Once it was dumplings with potatoes, it was the first time I tasted dumplings like these. It’s very interesting. So all the people I meet here are full of love and care about my studies, they make me feel at home. Welcome to IKBFU and let’s have a wonderful experience together.



Martina Albi
"My favorite subject is Russian language. I think it is very beautiful"
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Allan Viana Camarа
"Father suggested me to go to Russia for medical studies"
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Mohammed Ali Ahya Ali
"I think that the Russian people are similar in character to Yemenis"
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Max Domas
"I feel that the teachers really care about my progress in studying"
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Ariadna Llopis Almarcha
"The people living in Russia are as friendly as in Spain"
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Al Alawin Hamdi
"I had internship at an operating nuclear power plant"
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Osinkolu Moriselade Omosalewa
"Studying abroad  really opens my mind"
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Nadiah Natasya Binti Zulkurnai
"I was very impressed with the university labs equipment"
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