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International Students Testimonials

Advantages of studying in Russia for foreign nationals

Soumojit Mukherjee, India

National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)

You need to take the initiative, and then people will help

My friends call me Soum. I am studying financial monitoring at the Institute of Financial Technologies and Economic Security of MEPhI.

I was always interested in the economy. In 2016, it possible to apply for this direction for the first time.  As soon as I saw it, I sent the documents.

I have been living in Russia for almost five years. At first, I studied in Obninsk at preparatory faculty. The training was entirely in Russian. The teachers were good; many of them speak English or German / French. The groups were small, numbered 5-6 people. We were almost like a family; we worked and had dinner together. When I arrived, I did not speak Russian, but in my dormitory, many foreign students were always ready to help. Employees of MEPhI are also forwarded to assist you every time.

When I arrived in Moscow, I met the curators and classmates at the meeting of MEPhI freshmen that is named “Instructions for Use". I have a friend Egor. We started talking to each other from the first day and, during the time, became best friends.

I remember the first lecture on macroeconomics. I need to write everything down, and the teacher explained very quickly. I saw that all my classmates сovered some pages with writing; at the same time, I wrote just the first line. At the beginning of the first semester, I immediately made up a plan. I saw that the guys start from zero levels. Okay, I am starting from minus 20. I need to get to zero and then further.  There was a mock test. People got 28 out of 30, 30 out of 30. I got 1 out of 30. It was fun.  At first, I was afraid to go to lectures and understand nothing. One day there was a discussion on economics. When I started talking, the teacher was so happy. All in all, I fulfilled my plan successfully.

For me, study at MEPhI is the opportunity to pursue science. You can find any teacher, discuss a topic, write a scientific work, and publish it. In the first year, I visit conferences only as a listener. I saw how people in suits presented their reports in the assembly hall. It was cool.  I said to Egor: "It does not matter how we do it, but we will do it."

In the second year, we saw an announcement about the international scientific conference at the Institute of Financial Technologies and Economic Security. Usually, people go to the teacher, and he suggests a topic, but we chose my own. There was a large amount of unsorted data; we were preparing for almost two months. We also participated in the conference at the Financial University, where we won 3rd place. At the next conference we have already taken the first one.

Now I am an ambassador for Russian nuclear education, a member of the Council of MEPhI Dormitories, and a leader of the English club. My advice: you need to take the initiative, and then people will help. At MEPhI, there is no limit on how to develop your abilities and talents



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