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International Students Testimonials

Advantages of studying in Russia for foreign nationals

Wan Tzu Yi, Taiwan

National Research University – Higher School of Economics

Learning Russian helps to understand better Russian culture and mentality

Hello, everyone! My name is Wang Zi Yi, from Taiwan. I’m the master student of HSE University. I would like to share a bit of my experience of studying and living in Russia. The master program I attend is socioeconomic and political development of modern Asia, in short which focus on Asian study. The reason why I chose this programme is because the courses not only put the emphasis on the theoretical background, but also the practical aspects to examine Asian issues. It gives me more precise picture about Asian international affairs.

Speaking about living and  staying in Russia, here you can experience the mix European and Asian culture integration. I will definitely say in this 2 years it is a wonderful and unique time in my life. Plus, learning is Russian is quite Important (and HSE provides Russian language courses for abroad students), then it will broaden your view and experiences the truly Russian lifestyle.



Martina Albi
"My favorite subject is Russian language. I think it is very beautiful"
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Allan Viana Camarа
"Father suggested me to go to Russia for medical studies"
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Mohammed Ali Ahya Ali
"I think that the Russian people are similar in character to Yemenis"
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Max Domas
"I feel that the teachers really care about my progress in studying"
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Ariadna Llopis Almarcha
"The people living in Russia are as friendly as in Spain"
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Al Alawin Hamdi
"I had internship at an operating nuclear power plant"
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Osinkolu Moriselade Omosalewa
"Studying abroad  really opens my mind"
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Nadiah Natasya Binti Zulkurnai
"I was very impressed with the university labs equipment"
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