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International Students Testimonials

Advantages of studying in Russia for foreign nationals

Zhanat Erkinbekova, Kyrgyzstan

Novosibirsk State University

I want to continue my study in Russia that's why I’m thinking about pursuing postgraduate studies

I came from Kyrgyzstan, the country of celestial mountains. In 2015 my alma mater held the selection of students who wanted to study in Russia. My professor told me that NSU is the best and the strongest university in Russia. It was him who recommended me choosing the International Project Management Master Programme.

And now I have absolutely no regrets about my choice. Thanks to the university I gained good knowledge and experience, I took up the challenges, I had a chance to tell foreign students about my culture (within Cultural Ambassadors Program of NSU), I made a lot of new friends. I can speak for hours about the opportunities and advantages of studying at NSU. Now I’m thinking about pursuing postgraduate studies here, at NSU.



Martina Albi
"My favorite subject is Russian language. I think it is very beautiful"
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Allan Viana Camarа
"Father suggested me to go to Russia for medical studies"
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Mohammed Ali Ahya Ali
"I think that the Russian people are similar in character to Yemenis"
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Max Domas
"I feel that the teachers really care about my progress in studying"
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Ariadna Llopis Almarcha
"The people living in Russia are as friendly as in Spain"
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Al Alawin Hamdi
"I had internship at an operating nuclear power plant"
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Osinkolu Moriselade Omosalewa
"Studying abroad  really opens my mind"
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Nadiah Natasya Binti Zulkurnai
"I was very impressed with the university labs equipment"
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