Petrozavodsk is the capital of the Republic of Karelia. It is located in the north-west of Russia, on the banks of Lake Onega, some 400 km away from St. Petersburg and 1,100 km away from Moscow. The city is famous for its nature and monuments of architecture.

City of Art

The embankment in Petrozavodsk may be called an open-air museum, exhibiting unique art objects presented to the capital of Karelia by its sister cities. They include The Fishermen (Duluth, USA), Tree of Wishes (Umeo, Sweden), and Meeting Place (Mo i Rana, Norway).

City of Festivals

Petrozavodsk hosts several festivals, including the international contest of snow and ice sculptures Hyperborea, and Vozdukh (Air) live music festival. In summer, Petrozavodsk hosts a music festival of the A. K. Glazunov Petrozavodsk Conservatory, called "White Nights of Karelia" and the landscape festival "Harmony of White Nights".

City of Adventurers

The Polar Odysseus club, established in 1978, unites those interested in marine travel, shipbuilding, and naval history. A museum was opened under the auspices of the club in 2003. The club organizes guided tours, marine excursions, seadog master classes, and meetings, and it participates in sailing regattas. In addition, visitors can enjoy life-size copies of historical sailboats that are regularly crafted by Polar Odysseus staff.

Dynamic City

The nature in Karelia is ideal for active recreation. The variety of recreation offered by local travel agencies is truly amazing: rafting, bike tours, recreation camps (cottage settlements), husky programs, quad bike tours, walking, hiking, and much more. You do not have to leave Petrozavodsk to get your fix of active recreation: enjoy the local climbing wall, ski facility, and the equestrian centre.

Multiconfessional City

Petrozavodsk is home to multiple confessions, including Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish, Lutheran, Protestant, and other religious communities and establishments.

Near the City

Kizhi Island, located 68 km away from the city, is a must-see once you find yourself in Petrozavodsk. The famous Kizhi church ensemble can be found here, a real masterpiece of wooden architecture of the 18th and 19th centuries, which is protected by UNESCO. All parts of this ensemble reflect the mastery and skill of ancient Russian wood architects. The central point of this ensemble is Preobrazhenskaya Church, constructed with an axe without a single nail.

Karelia, the "region of lakes", thrills with the beauty of its nature. We strongly recommend visiting lakes Ladoga and Onega, Kivach Waterfall, Ruskeala Mountain Park, the Valaam Islands, Marcial Waters, Petroglyphs of the White Sea, and national parks Paanayarvi, Vodlozersky, and Kalevalsky.

Petrozavodsk is about 700 km away from Helsinki. There are coach and ferry routes connecting the city with the Finnish capital. Tours are offered to cities in Northern Europe. If you want to enjoy unforgettable weekends, make sure you arrange a visa in advance (you can do this at the embassies of European countries in your country).