Sochi is Russia’s main resort town. Located in Krasnodar Region on the northeastern coast of the Black Sea, it is unofficially called Russia summer or resort capital.

City of Winter Olympics

Sochi became a household name in 2014 when it hosted Winter Olympic Games. Shayba Arena, Fisht Stadium (where opening and closing ceremonies were held), ice arenas, ski pistes and many other sports facilities were built for the Olympics and are in use today. Also, a free-to-visit Olympic Park was constructed to commemorate the Games.

Resort Town

Sochi has a total of over 400 hotels, resorts and holiday camps. Around 130 beaches and 3 open air water parks operate in summer. Aquatoria Dolphinarium is particularly popular – every year more than 100,000 tourists visit it.

Town of Theme Parks

Sochi Park is the largest among Sochi’s several amusement parks. Besides taking various rides, visitors can also meet characters of Russian folklore and fairy tales such as Baba Yaga, wizards and mighty heroes. There is a sports area for aficionados of active lifestyle in the Riviera Park. Skaters and rollers will appreciate the skating park in Ostrovskiy Square.

Picturesque Environs

Sochi sits in the foothills of the Caucasian Mountains, a must-see for all visitors. Archeologists have discovered no less than 400 caves in the city’s vicinity. With its opening at the height of 120 meters above a river, Akhshtyrskaya Cave is the best known one. Hiking and horse-riding, rock-climbing, rafting and canoeing are very popular in the foothills of Caucasus.

Take a bus tour to Abkhazia, waterfalls in the Shakhe river valley or Caucasian Biosphere Reserve from Sochi or trek to the yew and boxwood grove on the southeastern slope of Mount Bolshoy Akhun. Krasnaya Polyana skiing resort is great for skiing and snowboarding in winter or walking and admiring the scenery in summer.