Ussuriysk is located in a hollow between the hills at the confluence of Komarovka and Rakovka rivers. It is the second largest town in Russia’s Maritime Region, situated 112 kilometers away from Vladivostok.

A Town with Chinese History

Supin, a medieval Chinese town, was established in the site of modern Ussuriysk in the 12th or 13th century. Many remarkable monuments remain in its territory.

One of Ussuriysk’s symbols is a giant stone turtle found in an old Chinese burial mound. Today it can be seen in the city park.

Town of Steam Trains

A plant that produces locomotives for Russian Railroads is one of the biggest employers in Ussuriysk. There is even a monument to EL-629 steam train. Near the railway station you will find a statue commemorating engine drivers and workers who lost their lives during the Second World War. 

Notably, a capsule with a message for future generations is buried under the statue – it is planned to be opened in 2045, a century after the end of the war.

Rus' History Town

Visitors can learn a lot about daily life in medieval Rus’ in the Emerald Valley Landscape Park. There one will find Russian log houses, a smithy, a potter’s shed, household items and other attributes of the era. The park also boasts beautiful nature – come marvel at Fish, Bird and Lotus lakes, visit its tiger museum and stroll its flower-filled paths.

Realm of Rare Animals

Leopard’s Land Park, a preserve for rare animals, is located 70 kilometers outside Ussuriysk. 30 leopards and 10 Siberian tigers (both species are on the Red List) live there. Big cats’ special collar-mounted sensors help rangers keep an eye on them. Tigers and leopards also live in the Ussuri Preserve along the southern side of the Sikhote-Alin Ridge.