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Prices in Russia

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A student in Russia needs USD 300 to 400 per month on average or USD 3,000 to 4,000 per academic year (September to June).

It's better to start with a further USD 300 to 400 for extra expenses like medical insurance, living arrangements in an apartment or dormitory (buying dishes, bed linen, detergents etc.), and to purchase books.

The rouble’s decline against the world currencies merely plays into the hands of foreigners since their expenses are reduced when converted into dollars: it would be cheaper to pay for education and living in the country.

When you select a city for education, please keep in mind that the highest prices are in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, while expenses in other regions will be lower.

Basic Expenses


The tuition fee at Russian universities varies from RUB 122 500 to 880,000 (USD 1,750-12,570) per year depending on the region, university, and discipline.

The students who are admitted to state-funded places on a competitive basis or who are awarded a government scholarship (quotas) study free-of-charge. Those students receive an allowance (the average monthly allowance in 2020 is RUB 1,484/USD 22, for postgraduate students it is RUB 2,921/USD 42).
Prices in Russia
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The price of rented student accommodation in Russia varies from 500 to 35,000 roubles (USD 7-500) per month depending on the region, type and location of the lodging (dormitory, rented room, or apartment).

For more details see the "Accommodation" section.

Medical Insurance

A voluntary medical insurance policy (VMI) for students at Moscow universities costs from 4,000 to 12,000 roubles (USD 57-170) a year. The insurance shall cover the entire education period, though universities request that policies are paid by the year or the semester.

See more details in the "Healthcare" section.

Meal Expenses

According to official information, the minimum shopping basket (including bread, pasta, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, milk, and sugar) in Russia costs 4209 roubles (USD 60) a month. Much depends on the region where people live and what and where they buy (corner shop, supermarket, market).

An average lunch check in Moscow cafes and restaurants ranges from 800 to 2,000 roubles (USD 11-28), while a set lunch costs between 270 and 420 roubles (USD 4-6). Fast-food prices are even lower.


A single journey on the Moscow subway costs 57 roubles (about USD 1), while a 60-journey travel card costs 1970 roubles (USD 28).

Using a student discount one can get a monthly Moscow underground card for 405 roubles (USD 6), the cost is even lower in other cities.

See more details in the "Transport" section.

Cellular Communication, Internet

SIM-cards for mobile phones and tablets are sold in phone stores (do not buy them from street sellers). You need a national passport (indicating registration at your place of residence) and a migration card to buy a SIM-card. Ask in store for advice on the best rates (cost of calls, sms-text, data, etc.). The cost of a standard package of services ranges from 300 to 400 roubles (USD 4-6). When you buy a SIM-card, the cost of the card is credited to the phone number account and then you top up the balance depending on the tariff plan.

Prices in Russia
Dormitories offer payable or free Internet access. When you rent an apartment, you are usually asked to pay for Internet separately, about 300 to 500 roubles (USD 4-7) per month, depending on the region, provider and rate.


There are plenty of chain stores of popular brands, both international and Russian. The clothing prices are generally higher than in Europe but high-quality and cheap clothing can always be found during the sales. For example, you can find a T-shirt for 500 roubles (USD 7) or jeans for 1,500 roubles (USD 21).

Cultural Pursuits

Moscow theatre tickets cost from 800 to 2,500 roubles (USD 11-36) and cinema tickets, 400 to 1000 roubles (USD 6-14). A museum costs 200 to 1,000 roubles (USD 3-14).

Many cultural centres offer discounts for students, and some museums can be visited free with a valid student card.


The average cost of a monthly pass to fitness centres varies from 1,700 to 4,500 roubles (USD 24-64) in Moscow and from 1,000 to 3,000 roubles (USD 14-43) in other regions. When you buy an annual pass, the average monthly cost will be lower.

A monthly swimming pool pass costs 300 to 500 roubles (USD 4-7) in Moscow and less elsewhere.

Many universities have their own gyms, swimming pools, and sports centres where services are cheaper than in the city or even free for university students.


Entry to clubs in Russia is generally free of charge, and visitors buy drinks and snacks. The average price of a cocktail in Moscow clubs is 500 roubles (USD 7) and 300 roubles (USD 4) in other cities. Young people in Moscow spend 2,000 to 5,000 roubles (USD 28-71) per weekend.


5,000 roubles (USD 71)
10,000 roubles (USD 143)
405 roubles (USD 6)
Internet, mobile phone
800 roubles (USD 11)
Culture, sport, entertainment
4,000 roubles (USD 57)
20,205 roubles (USD 289).

Prices are quoted in roubles for 2020 (subject to dormitory accomodation).