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Tuition Fees in Russia

Study in Russia – How much does higher education for foreigners in the Russian Federation cost?

How much does higher education for foreigners in the Russian Federation cost?

Studying at a Russian university on a contract basis is an optimum combination of a price and quality: international students gain fundamental knowledge and prestigious diplomas for a very reasonable price. The tuition fees of Russian universities may be different, but in any case, it is lower than in Europe or in other countries.

At the same time, the quality of Russian education is as fine as European one. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation determines the minimum tuition fee – it cannot be less than the amount invested in education per student by the state. Certainly, tuition fees of Russian universities depends on the specific curriculum, its duration and the institution where the training will take place.

In addition, household spending in Russia (housing, food, transportation, medical insurance and others) is lower than in many countries. Full-time international students are offered a variety of benefits, the same as Russian students. Some Russian universities sometimes encourage talented students and give them discounts on tuition.

How much does it cost to get a Bachelor's degree in Russia?

After completing four-years-undergraduate programmes, students receive a bachelor's degree and a diploma of higher education. After that, students can continue their studies and take a Master programme.

Training on full-time department of the Bachelor's Degree costs approximately 240-260 thousand rubles* ($ 3,430-3,715) per year. The minimum cost is 122 500 rubles ($ 1,750) per year; the maximum – 880 000 rubles ($ 12,570) per year.

How much does it cost to get a Specialist’s degree in a Russian University?

Specialist’s degree is awarded after at least five years of training. It has more of practical focus in comparison to a Bachelor.

The cost of training on the full-time department of the Specialist’s degree is about 240-260 thousand rubles* ($ 3,430-3,715) per year on average. The minimum cost is 122,5 thousand rubles ($ 1,750) per year. The maximum is 632 580 rubles ($ 9,036) per year.

The cost of studying a Specialist degree in a medical university in Russia is on average 290-320 thousand rubles* ($4,143-4,571) per year. Find out how to choose the desired medical programme.

How much does it cost to get a Master’s degree in a Russian University?

Master’s degree is awarded after two years of training and provides a deeper knowledge of the chosen major of studies. You can apply for a Master programme if you have either Bachelor’s or Specialist’s degree.

Training on the full-time department of Master’s degree on average costs 260-280 thousand rubles* ($ 3,715-4,000) per year. The minimal cost is 147 000 rubles ($ 2,100) per year. Maximum – 460 000 rubles ($ 6,570) per year.

How much does a Postgraduate study cost in a Russian University?

Studies in postgraduate programmes last at least three years. Graduates with Master or Specialist degree can apply for a postgraduate programme, if they are interested in research and teaching. After the defense of the thesis, graduate students are awarded the degree of Candidate of Science (PhD).

Training on the full-time department of the post-graduate course costs on average 280-300 thousand rubles* ($ 4,000-4,285) per year. The minimum cost is  79 300 rubles ($ 1,133) per year. The maximum – 413 000 rubles ($ 5,900) per year.

How much does the training at the Preparatory Department of the Russian university

Many universities have Preparatory Departments, where potential international students can take an intensive educational course, which allows them to apply to any Russian university in future. Usually the programme includes an intensive Russian language course, as well as some general courses which a necessary for examination on a chosen major of study. Training in the Preparatory Department can take from a few months to a year.

Bachelor and Master programmes differ in curriculum and tuition fees. Training in the preparatory department, for both undergraduate and graduate students, costs approximately the same – an average of 160 thousand rubles* ($ 2,285) for the annual course.

How much is a fee for Summer School?

There are short thematic programmes, which include not only training, but also cultural and entertainment programme in the most universities. Most often, it is a Summer School, but universities also host spring, autumn and winter courses. As a rule, such programmes last from three to eight weeks and provided with a certificate of participation.

Tuition fee in a Summer School on average is about 45 thousand rubles* ($ 643). Sometimes universities offer students to pay only travel, or travel and accommodation, and the educational programme itself is free of charge.

There is a convenient search tool on our website, which will help you to choose a suitable basic educational programme (Bachelor's Degree, Specialty, Master's or Post-graduate course) or an additional course (Preparatory Department, Summer Schools and others). You can find a tuition fee in the description of each programme. After you have selected the programme, register your personal account, fill out the questionnaire, select the training direction and send the application free of charge, directly to the university. You should indicate the name of the programme that interests you in the comment section. You will receive the answer within ten days.