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Russian universities offer international students full-time, part-time, extramural and online modes of study. Each has its own advantages. Find out more about all modes of study.


Forms of Study© SUSU

During full-time study, all classes are taught within a university. The education process involves personal contact between professors and students during lectures, seminars, and workshops. Students can ask questions, hold discussions, and professors can monitor the progress they make. Full-time study takes place during the day, which means it cannot be combined with another activity like employment.


Forms of Study© TSU

A convenient option for those in employment. Classes are given in the evening during the week or on weekends. Most of the time is allocated to independent study. The ratio of independent study and lectures at universities is 50/50 or 60/40. Part-time study can be either state funded or fee based. The latter is considerably cheaper than its full-time equivalent.


Forms of Study© FEFU

Extramural students spend just 30% of their study time at the university, with the remaining 70% spent on independent study following the university syllabus. The academic year for extramural students is divided into teaching and assessment sessions. During the teaching session, students attend induction lectures for 2–3 weeks and are then assessed. The period between sessions is 4 to 5 months when students independently study the subjects. Extramural study is convenient for Distance Learning and is considerably cheaper than its full-time equivalent. Extramural forms of study may not be available for certain disciplines, such as medicine.

Distance Learning

Forms of Study© ITMO

This is based on the active use of telecommunication technologies and the Internet. The delivery is based on online teaching: lectures, seminars, and interaction of students and professors take place via Skype or other means of video communication.


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