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Programme Focus

The educational component of the programme includes regular classes in History and Philosophy of Science, Foreign Language, the Russian Language as a Foreign Language, Pedagogy of Higher Education, and specialised disciplines, such as Methodology of Scientific Research in Language Studies, Germanic Languages, Language Theory, Comparative Historical, Typological and Comparative Linguistics. It also includes conducting research seminars with the participation of leading professors of the Philological Faculty of RUDN and visiting scientists, research and teaching practice.

The research part of the programme includes the study of the theoretical and functional aspects of the languages of the Germanic group, their development, the current state and features of functioning, common origin, as well as the study of linguistic features at different levels, the identification of features of perception, use, use in different linguistic communities, and typical linguocultural errors, etc.

Programme advantages

  • Participation in the research and teaching activities of a highly qualified professional team

  • Possibility of improving pedagogical skills in teaching the languages of the Germanic group (English, German)

  • Postgraduate state-recognized degree

Graduates’ expertise and career opportunities

  • Translation, rendering, editing of texts of various types
  • Opportunity to teach specialised and applied disciplines in Russian and international universities
  • Participation in the work of professional research teams
  • Development of text corpus, databases, dictionaries