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Graduates of this field have the following qualifications:

- Understanding of social-historical processes and phenomena in their political, socio-cultural, economic dimensions in historical retrospect and modern state, their reflection in historical sources, which are the basis for understanding the social and political realities of the past and present.

- Willingness to work in expert and analytical centers, public and state organizations of information and analytical profile; in mass media (including electronic), public administration and local self-government bodies as consultants, in the field of teaching in educational organizations, archives, museums, specialized research institutions.

- Ability to communicate orally and in written form in Russian and foreign languages to solve problems. As an additional component of professional training, it is planned to study and master two modern foreign languages for the graduates.

- Competence in interpersonal and intercultural issues. Kazan University is located in the center of a polyethnic and multi-confessional region of Russia, which provides an opportunity to study in the conditions of coexistence of different cultures, which gives a favorable comfortable regime for learning history.

- Allows the graduate to successfully find a job in expert and analytical centers, organizations and scientific institutions, public authorities, power structures, educational and scientific institutions, cultural institutions, editorial offices of scientific and socio-political publications, mass media, public and commercial organizations.

- It gives the opportunity to continue education in the magistracy in any social and humanitarian direction.

- Opens prospects of active research activity on interesting subjects.