Foreign Regional Studies

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The Bachelor's degree programme in Regional Studies is aimed at the study of global regions (Europe and Middle East) as well as particular countries, regional and interregional organizations.

A Regional Studies specialist has deep knowledge of the region: its history, culture, economy, religion, specifics of ethnoconfessional processes, regional aspects of international relations, non-governmental organizations activity.

Advantages of Regional Study specialization at the Institute of International Relations and World History:

  • compulsory study of two foreign languages, including in-depth study of the language of the region - Regional Study specialists study the English, Arabic, Armenian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, Turkish, Farsi and French languages on the mandatory and optional basis;
  • provided professional and language internship in countries studied under the programme;
  • significant attention paid to the analysis of original sources;
  • participation of students in annual scientific events organized by the Institute of International Relations and World History (conference "Foreign Regional Study: Theory and Practice Problems", seminar of young scientists "Eastern Research").

Our graduates can efficiently work as:

  • employees of international organizations;
  • employees of diplomatic corps;
  • employees of legislative and executive bodies;
  • specialists of foreign economic activity;
  • law enforcement and special service officers;
  • experts and analysts;
  • translators;
  • researchers and teachers.

International partnership

University of Rouen (France), Paris Institute of Political Studies (France)

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