Historical and Regional Geology

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The Master Program "Historical and regional geology" allows training experts able to work in the field of stratigraphy, paleontology, regional geology, environmental geology and geodynamics, use modern analytical equipment and geo-information technologies. The program is aimed at providing knowledge on biological diversity, history of the fossils, some aspects of the stratigraphic research, the laws of geological and anthropogenic processes, Minerageny of mineral deposits, essence of geo-ecological functions of the lithosphere. Students are supposed to be able to carry out complex paleo-, bio-geographical and paleo-climatic reconstructions and predict the development of the biosphere in the future; use stratigraphic techniques to solve various geological problems; identify common patterns of historical development of certain regions; prepare geological maps to identify regularities of ore and industrial minerals deposits; analyze and predict the geological processes, including the formation of mineral deposits in different geodynamic conditions caused by movements of the lithospheric plates; analyze and predict the geo-ecological and geological processes, including conditions for the existence of living organisms in different regions.

Graduates may be employed at geological institutions and entities, project, mining and ecological enterprises in Krasnoyarsk, Kemerovo and Tyumen regions, the Far East and Russia’s neighboring countries.


An applicant must have a higher education diploma. The admission to the program is carried out on a competitive basis according to the results of the entrance examinations: the exam on "Geology" and the interview.

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