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Programme Focus

The aim of the programme is to train highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel, formation and development of their competences in accordance with the professional standard, and prepare the final original research contributing to the creation, expansion and development of scientific knowledge.

The main educational program of training personnel of higher qualification (postgraduate) in the direction of training "31.06.01 Clinical medicine" in the profile: "Skin and venereal disease", developed in accordance with the educational standard of higher education of RUDN University, by level of education – training of highly qualified personnel (graduate course).

The formation of highly specialized medical knowledge on the profile of "Skin and venereal disease";

Training medical researcher, with a clinical thinking, well-versed in the complex pathology, having in-depth knowledge of related disciplines;

The formation of skills in the development of new technologies and techniques in the field of their professional interests;

The formation of competencies of a physician-researcher in accordance with professional activities.

Programme advantages.

In the course of post-graduate studies in "Skin and venereal disease" optional (at the choice of the aspirant) are studied related subjects: "the Histopathology and immunopathology of skin", "Fundamentals of cosmetology", "physical methods in dermatology". You have the option to participate in the research activities of the Department, clinical research, etc.

Professional competence:

  • ability and willingness to organize and conduct applied researches in the field of clinical medicine;

  • ability and willingness to analysis, synthesis and public presentation of the results of the conducted scientific research in the field of clinical medicine;

  • readiness for implementation of developed methods and techniques in clinical medicine with practical activities aimed at health protection of citizens;

  • the willingness to use laboratory and instrumental bases to provide scientific data;

  • readiness for teaching activities in the field of clinical medicine in the educational programs of higher education.

The area of professional activity of the graduates who have completed the graduate program involves training of specialists, owning the fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical skills of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of various skin diseases and sexually transmitted infections, who have reached the professional level required for carrying out scientific work, capable of successfully and timely completion of the dissertation research on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of medical Sciences.

Graduates of the doctoral programs in "Skin and venereal disease can carry out their activities in specialized health care institutions, providing medical services to patients with skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases, as well as in a multidisciplinary medical institutions having in its structure specialized diagnostic and treatment units (Centers) to assist patients with skin diseases and sexually transmitted infections.