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Specializations within this programme

  • Advertising and Communication in the International Sphere
    The programme is oriented on training qualifiedspecialists in international advertising ready for managing integrated marketing communications on the international market. The students master the technologies of creating an advertising product. The development of project and creative competencies of the graduates and applied skills for advertising is of considerable attention during the education process. Students do an internship in the press services, the media, public and municipal advertising and PR-departments.
  • Scientific PR and promotion of scientific and technical product
    Public Relations deal with establishing communication with target audiences of the company and forming a positive image of the organization, a product or a person in the opinion of the public. Studying specialized disciplines is based on fundamental mathematical, computer, information, economic, language and legal training. Graduates work in the logistic, production, external economic and sales departments of the organizations, in the logistic centres, customs authorities, transportation companies.