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Art & Science is an interdisciplinary area of contemporary culture located at the interface of rational scientific and intuitive artistic ways of exploring the world. These two areas are connected, allowing not only to understand science but also to see its beauty and creativity capacity. Art & Science defiantly goes beyond the traditional understanding both of art and science, creating a wide field for innovations in society.

The unique Master’s program in Art & Science is created for those who strive to overcome any disciplinary boundaries. It allows to obtain scientific and engineering skills essential for artists who are already engaged in the art work and who would like to find new ways of expressing their creative initiatives. At the same time, the program is designed to uncover the creative capability of those who have some practical experience in the spheres of IT and Computer Science, Robotics, Photonics or Biotechnology, and who are seeking for new ways of self-development and communication.

The basis of the studying process is a problem-based learning approach which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the chosen area. The framework of the program is interpretation of the global world challenges. Within two years, students are working with global challenges of modernity, creating their own art-residency project connected to one of those challenges.