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Specializations within this programme

  • Science, society and the modern world challenges.
    Students consider the range of global challenges of modern society; form ideas about digital culture and the concept of life forms; study the design thinking, entrepreneurial culture and innovative practices in various areas of life.
  • Theory and history of Art & Science
    Students study history of the technical figurative art; theory and philosophy of Art & Science; theory of contemporary art and the critical theory; ethical issues in Art & Science.
  • Modern science and technology
    This unit is dedicated to the study of the modern scientific research, and hi-tech technology of ITMO University; social criticism of science; Science and Technology Studies (STS) and Ethnographic Laboratory Studies approaches; approaches to technology and scientific research foresight.
  • Project work
    Through the project work students learn how to manage projects and raise funds for their implementation (learn the fundraising); explore curators strategies; meet with the diversity of museums and art venues, festivals of Art & Science; work on individual and team projects.