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Graduates of the program can:
• develop models of threats and models of the violator of information security of specific objects of informatization;
• create requirements to support information security of objects of informatization;
• create the list of safety features of an object of informatization and select rational methods and means of their implementation;
• develop project decisions on the systems of support information safety of objects of informatization;
• carry out the analysis of systems in the protected execution regarding their compliance to requirements for support of information security;
• ensure information security of design processes, creations, upgrades of objects of informatization;
• develop drafts of normative and legal acts of the enterprise, establishment, organization regulating activities for support of information security of objects.

Main disciplines

• The mathematical and natural-science program cycle of training of specialists provides the profound mathematical preparation including, besides the general disciplines of the mathematical analysis and algebra, special mathematical disciplines:
• the discrete mathematics
• logic theory and algorithm theory,
• optimization methods,
• probability theory and mathematical statistics,
• theoretical fundamentals of informatics,
• mathematical bases of information security

The professional program cycle of training of specialists includes the following main disciplines:
• algorithms and data structures
• object-oriented programming
• technologies of software development
• operating systems
• technologies of databases
• infocommunication systems and networks

There is also a wide range of special disciplines:
• number-theoretic methods of cryptography
• cryptography methods of information security
• cryptography protocols
• models of safety of computer systems
• methods of violation of safety and virology
• protection of computer networks and telecommunications
• protection of operating systems and database management systems
• technical means and methods of information security
• technical protection of objects of informatization
• technology of development of information systems in the protected execution
• organizational legal support of information security.