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The First International Summer School on Animal-Centered Computing (ACC) will introduce and engage students in the exciting new discipline that focuses on animals at the center of computing system design and development. The field as a whole brings together researchers and practitioners across computing, engineering, veterinary, and behavioral disciplines to promote synergistic interactions that advance hardware, software, and methodologies for technological systems that promote use by, and with, animals.

A partial list of focus areas for the ACC community includes:

  • developing technological solutions for improving animal welfare and well-being;
  • supporting animals in tasks they perform in our society;
  • using new and existing technologies to improve our understanding of animal behavior, communication, health and welfare; 
  • developing technological solutions that enable more effective and efficient communication between human and non-human animal species; 
  • advancing animal science
  • advancing veterinary science

Why is it worth participating?

  1. Be one of the first people to immerse in the new emerging field of animal-centered computing.
  2. Enjoy stimulating discussions and get feedback on your ideas from leading researchers in the fields of animal science and technology.
  3. Master state of the art tools in ml and data analytics.
  4. Enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

International partnership

ETU "LETI" holds the school together with the University of Haifa (Israel) and University of Salford (Manchester, UK).