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The program offers modern worldwide standards in software development (IEEE SWEBOK etc.). Our students are proficient in mathematics, programming, IT, Computer systems and networks.

Course units

  • System Analysis, Simulation and Optimizing;

  • Language Processor Development;

  • Time Series and Data Processing Methods;

  • Object-oriented Tech of Software Development;

  • Stochastic Processes Statistics;

  • Continuous Mathematical Models;

  • 3D graphics;

  • Multithreading and Distributed Programming;

  • AI System and Knowledge Representation.

Student can assemble their programs by themselves by choosing the desired modules. Some of the elective modules are listed below:

  • Experimental Design Technique and Risk Theory;

  • Parallel Data Processing Systems;

  • Computer Vision Algorithms;

  • Automatic Identification Methods;

  • Mathematical Models in Economics.

Graduates of the program are able to

  • Research simulation, information and mathematical models for complex scientific and tech systems and processes;

  • Research computer systems, data processing methods, administration tools and computer safety networks’ control methods;

  • Design and develop cutting-edge software for computer systems;

  • Use programming languages, methods and technology;

  • Develop software for computer networks, automated systems, computer systems, OSs and distributed databases;

  • Research and development of digital image and computer vision processing, computer graphics and visualization, multimedia and automated design;

  • Explore information systems through mathematical forecast and system analysis;

  • Use modern computers, computer systems and networks;

  • Develop and implement quality control processes, control and quality evaluation methods for the processes of designing and using software systems.

International partnership

  • Dresden University of Technology (Germany);

  • University of Wuppertal (Germany);

  • University of Munich (Germany);

  • Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland);

  • University of Oulu (Finland);

  • University of Aalto (Finland).