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Main purpose of the Program: To provide graduates  basic humanitarian, social, economic, mathematical and scientific knowledge. Provide graduates generic and subject-specialized competencies; prepare bachelors for admission to the Magistracy. To give in-depth knowledge of neutron-physical and Thermo-hydraulic processes occurring in reactor core, in normal operation, as well as in emergency and transitional modes.

The scope of professional activity: Research, design and technology, aimed for registration and information processing, development of theory, creation and use of nuclear installations, nuclear safety provision.

The brief description of the curriculum:  1)  Deep physics and mathematics, as well as information technology training and competences in the field of critical technologies that provide reliable  employment.
2) Unified basic training on humanitarian, scientific and general-professional disciplines for the Faculty  within two years.
3)  Basic special disciplines of the graduating chair (3-4th classes): "The neutron transport theory", "Physical theory of nuclear reactors," "Methods and tools for physical measurements," "Experimental reactor physics", "Engineering calculations and energy equipment of nuclear installations."

The graduates are offered to work at research institutes and enterprises of the State Corporation “Rosatom”.