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Specializations within this programme

  • Television Journalism
    Students produce their own television programs acting as correspondents, cameramen, directors, screenwriters, and film editors. There is a Training Center that has a modern studio for video recording and the most advanced equipment for filming, sound recording, and editing. The specialization within the program offers such courses as The Fundamentals of TV Journalism, Operator Skills, and Film Editing, which are taught by professionals with a creative approach and an understanding of current trends and market demands.
  • Radio Journalism
    The students are immersed in the process of creating various broadcasts: news, analytical programs, talk shows, music programs and so on. They try themselves as reporters, hosts, narrators, editors, and soundmen. The program offers the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced radio journalists who work at various Novosibirsk radio stations.

  • Print Journalism
    The specialization within the program helps students broaden and deepen their knowledge in the field of media and Internet publications. They try themselves as editors, learn the secrets and the rules of page4 layouts and markups, practice writing texts in a variety of genres – news, columns, analytical essays. The program includes subjects like Picture Story, Print Modeling, Creative Writing, Visual Journalism, Media Design, and others.