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Master program in Financial Management is based on three necessary preconditions:

1. the program is oriented on the international educational trends in the field of financial management and aimed to provide the student with a wide range of competences in finance relevant to an international context. While studying the program, these competences can be applied to Russian experience (either within the disciplines or research work), which is to be considered a a special case, though providing comparative advantage for career prospects in Russia;
2. the program is developed together with leading professionals in finance. Its applied tendency is supported due to close cooperation with companies, institutions and practitioners both in teaching and research supervision;
3. the Basic Program provides the core competences for a Master’s Degree in “Management" (strategic analysis, organizational design, finance, research tools). Elective courses provide students specific knowledge and skills in finance. The structure of the variable part of the program is formed around four essential topics:
  • company finance;
  • financial markets and related issues;
  • financial infrastructure;
  • risk assessment and management.
Program goal is to prepare high-level financial specialists capable of using advanced analytical tools to solve relevant research and applied problems.