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Modern mathematics and computer science are vital for high-tech industry: the more difficult the task of the real world, the more difficult its mathematical model, which is analytically examining, mathematics suggest methods for solving the original problem, including algorithmic. In turn, reliable and efficient implementation of algorithms requires a deep understanding of the properties of computer systems and ways of working with them. The graduates of the program in mathematics and computer science have such understanding.

Students majoring in this field are engaged in studying the following fields: 

  •  bioinformatics;
  •  coding theory;
  •  theory and database applications and information systems;
  •  theory and practice of parallel programming;
  •  discrete optimization;
  •  graph theory;
  •  applied and computer algebra;
  •  engineering;
  •  analysis and computer software systems of varying complexity;
  •  fundamental and applied logic;
  •  theoretical computer science.