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In modern conditions, the field of activity in the direction of Clinical Medicine is steadily expanding. Defines a persistent message of society to highly qualified personnel capable of solving complex problems of diagnostics and treatment of diseases of internal organs. The therapeutic service is being actively restructured, which requires the training of scientific and practical personnel in various areas of the health care system to improve the quality and duration of human life. At the same time, new scientific directions appeared, in clinical medicine associated with the activities of the medical department of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which initiates the emergence of new problems solved by medical science and clinical in particular. All this presupposes the formation of a cohort of clinical scientists, taking into account modern requirements. Exclusive variable parts of disciplines occupy a special place, as they are provided by specialists, scientific laboratories, which have no analogues not only in the region, but also beyond its borders. A graduate and receive a wide choice of employment in educational and scientific organizations, both in our country and abroad.

The purpose of the educational program is to acquire the level of competence necessary for the implementation of professional activities and preparation for the defense of a scientific qualification work (dissertation) for the degree of candidate of sciences.

Objectives of the educational program

- meeting the demand and developing the human resources of organizations by strengthening the scientific and practical components in the activities of the teaching staff in the process of teaching postgraduate students in the field of clinical medicine;

- in-depth study of the theoretical and methodological foundations of clinical medicine with the formation of competencies necessary for successful scientific and pedagogical work in this branch of science;

- conducting scientific research in clinical medicine in cooperation with leading Russian and foreign scientific centers.

Qualification - Researcher. Research instructor.

The normative term of development is 3 years (full-time), 4 years (correspondence).

The complexity of the educational program is 180 credit units.

The types of professional activities for which graduates who have mastered the postgraduate program are preparing:

- research activities in the field of health protection of citizens, aimed at maintaining health, improving the quality and duration of human life through applied research in biology and medicine;

- teaching activity in educational programs of higher education.

The postgraduate program is aimed at mastering all types of professional activities for which the graduate is preparing.

-      The objects of professional activity of graduates who have mastered the postgraduate program are:

- individuals;

- population;

- legal entities;

- biological objects;

- a set of tools and technologies aimed at creating conditions for protecting the health of citizens.

The area of professional activity of graduates who have mastered the postgraduate program includes protecting the health of citizens in terms of solving problems that require the application of fundamental knowledge in the field of clinical medicine.