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Programme focus

Programme curriculum covers a number of specific practical course units reflecting the contemporary marketing tendencies, management of sales and advertising, as well as efficient international and Russian practices. Some of the course units are presented in a foreign language.

Today, marketing managers are in great demand in the labour market and enjoy outstanding payment rates. A good marketing expert is a godsend and a bedrock of businesses aspiring to outrun their competitors.

 Programme advantages

The programme is implemented through the offices of practicing professionals: Chairman of the Joint Regional Bank, Deputy General Director Advisor of Isotope JSC, Director-General Advisor of VTB 24, Head of Moscow Mortgage Center division, etc.  

Graduates’ expertise and career opportunities

Upon completing the programme, graduates shall be able to:

  • set goals and formulate occupational objectives;

  • analyze external and internal business environments, identify its key elements and assess their impact;

  • analyze organizational structure and contribute to its improvement;

  • promote team cooperation to address managerial challenges;

  • analyze and find ways to improve business communications;

  • diagnose organizational culture, identify its strengths and weaknesses, find ways to improve it;

  • develop programmes to implement organizational changes and be able to assess their efficiency;

  • make use of marketing research findings et al.