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Training department: Institute of engineering physics for biomedicine

Training objectives: training of highest qualified personnel with deep understanding of chemical, physical, biological and pharmaceutical properties of compounds, as well as natural sources of such compounds, which would be able to create and develop new pharmaceuticals and processes of production of them with full spectrum of documentation and quality control and diagnostics of pharmaceuticals and radiopharmaceuticals, based on traditional and biotechnologies.

Professional domain: chemical and pharmaceutical science and process research and development, project management and teaching in chemical, (radio)pharmaceutical and other areas of pharmaceutical universe. Graduates would work in research centers, pharmaceutical companies, educational institutions and clinical labs.

Professional objects: broad spectrum of biologically active compounds research, medicinal chemistry, process development of (radio)pharmaceuticals, quality control issues, compounds for the radiotherapy and diagnostics, semiconductor nanocrystals for the same purposes, magnetic materials for hyperthermic therapy, “smart” materials etc. Graduates are capable of conducting fundamental research, informational, commercial and legal support of these research in the domain of APIs development and process and natural products research.