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Goals of the Program:
Research and teaching activities in condensed matter physics, laser and ion-plasma methods of modification of ceramics and composite materials, nano-materials.

Characteristics of the scope and objects of professional activity of future graduates:
Structural studies: X-ray and neutron diffractometry, vibrational spectroscopy, laser and beam technologies in material science: nonequilibrium metastable states in solids, induced by ion and laser beams; radiation damage of dielectrics, including ceramics and nano-structured materials; physical principles of sensors for radiation, thermal and electromagnetic fields.

Objects of the professional activity:
  • New composite materials: production, processing, application;
  • High-temperature ceramic and polymer composite materials, products made of polymer composites;
  • Technologies for obtaining high-strength heat-resistant glasses for aviation and space technology;
  • Photonics materials: nonlinear optical phenomena in fiber systems, energy conversion processes in optical materials