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The purpose of the program:

Formation among graduates of the competencies necessary for work in the field of computer security.


This program differs from other information security programs in that most of it is made up of a block of unique disciplines in new computer security technologies, which, together with disciplines in modern IT technologies, classical engineering disciplines and students' research work, forms an actual program for training bachelors - experts in areas of computer security.

During the educational process, you will learn:

- modern methods of storage, transmission and processing of information;

- existing methods and means of information protection;

- ways to protect computer systems from current attacks;

- difficulties that can be encountered in ensuring computer security.

Program relevance:

The continuous expansion of the application of IT technologies inevitably gives rise to new threats to information security. Constantly emerging new methods of committing crimes related to violation of computer security require the development of new technologies for protecting information. The need to develop human resources in innovative areas of computer security determines the relevance of this program.

Основные дисциплины:

Computer Network Security

Software and hardware information protection

Operating system security

Cryptographic methods of information security

Database System Security

Organizational and legal support of information security


Alumni Competencies:

Graduates are able to develop and analyze algorithms for solving problems in the field of computer security, implement them in modern software systems, conduct an experimental study of computer systems in order to identify vulnerabilities, participate in the development of access control and information flow policies in computer systems.

Labor market demand:

Our graduates are employees of large state organizations and enterprises of small, medium and large business, including the Bank of Russia, Rosatom State Corporation, the Presidential Administration, Sberbank of Russia, Russian Railways, SEC Atlas, the Center for Information Technologies and Systems of Executive Bodies authorities, Kaspersky Lab, Security Code, Informzashchita, etc.. 

Practice and internships:

Students practice under the guidance of leading experts in the field of computer security at the Department of Cryptology and Cybersecurity, NRNU MEPhI, as well as in large state-owned and advanced commercial companies specializing in information security.