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The main professional activities of the specialists in this sphere are design and production of mobile and stationary mining machinery as well as their electrification and maintenance. Today, the full transformation of all mining processes depends on the pace of development of robotic, autonomous and unmanned technologies. Using modern geotechnologies mining engineers aim to solve an important task of developing energy-efficient and environmentally safe mechanisms of subsurface and oceanic exploration.

You will become:
  • Specialist in electrical systems use;
  • Specialist in mining machinery and equipment use;
  • Specialist in analysis and prediction of energy consumption modes;
  • Top-manager of special services in the sphere of quality control of electrical and machinery production.

You will work at:
  • Mining enterprises;
  • Machinery production enterprises;
  • Electrification enterprises;
  • R&D centers;
  • Federal and regional governmental bodies;
  • Federal control entities;
  • Business and production corporation including international ones.