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The aim of the educational program is to train a graduate who is able to solve professional tasks of production and technology, service, operation, organisation and managerial activities, as well as to provide advanced, high-quality higher education in Design and Technology of Machinery Industry, corresponding to the requirements of the global labour market, based on the close integration of educational, scientific, innovative and educational processes.

The program is implemented in Khakassia Technical School, which is an affiliated branch of SibFU, aiming at training a graduate with general cultural and professional competences in accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education. 

Program tasks:

  • To form graduates' ideas about the goals and objectives of their professional activities; 
  • To ensure the formation of a graduate’s personality by organisational and scientific means; 
  • To form readiness for research, design, production, technological, service, operational, organisational and managerial activities; 
  • to form readiness for the subsequent professional development in the field of machinery production.

Competitive advantages for a graduate:

the student receives fundamental training in the field of Design and Technology of Machinery Industry with the implementation of the competence approach.


companies conducting the operation, storage, refueling, maintenance, repair and service, as well as material and technical support of transport and technological machines for various purposes, their units, systems and elements.