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The aim of the program is to create the conditions for acquiring the necessary level of knowledge, skills and experience for professional activities in the field of trunk transport, storage and distribution of oil, oil products and gas.

Program tasks:
• to provide insight into the goals and objectives of the professional activities of graduates; 
• to ensure students’ personality development by organisational and scientific means; 
• to form readiness for scientific, research and service and operational activities;
• to form readiness for the subsequent professional development in this area.

Competitive advantages for a graduate: acquiring advanced knowledge and skills for professional activities in the field of oil and gas pipeline.

Employment: the largest industrial, research, design organisations and service companies of the oil and gas industry related to the transport of oil, petroleum products and gas. Positions: gas and oil pipeline calculations engineer, oil pumping station operator, main pipelines equipment engineer, main pipelines diagnostics and monitoring engineer, electrochemical protection engineer, emergency recovery section engineer.