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The mission of the program: We work to efficiently and responsibly train highly qualified HR personnel, and to ensure that the potential, personal ambitions, knowledge and skills of students are demanded by the labour market.

The aim of the program is training personnel management specialists with leadership skills, teamwork skills, possessing informational, social and psychological methods in HR activities.

The task of the program is the development of the students’ personal qualities, and cultural and professional competencies in accordance with the requirements of federal state educational standards of higher education, necessary for successful professional activity in the sphere of personnel management. 

The features of the program: interdisciplinary educational program based on a deep study of modern technologies of personnel management from the standpoint of organisational, managerial and economic, informational, analytical, social and psychological types of professional activity. During the implementation of the curriculum, training and active teaching methods are used to solve the complex tasks of developing professional competencies of specialists.

Competitive advantages for the graduate:
• practice-oriented training in personnel management in the field of organisational, managerial, economic, information, analytical, social and psychological activities of the organisation;
• teaching experience in the implementation of projects and programs on vocational guidance and development of candidates pool, the introduction of professional standards;
• teaching experience in consulting, training, tutoring, coaching.

• personnel management departments of organisations in the industry, commerce, transport, banking, insurance, tourism and other fields of activity, including research institutions;
• personnel management departments of state and municipal authorities;
• employment agencies and social welfare bodies of regions and cities organisations specializing in management and personnel consulting and auditing.