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The program is designed for students with a background in Mathematics, Physics, Natural Sciences, Computer Science or Engineering. The main goal is to train highly-skilled professionals in the field of Data Science and Mathematical Modeling.

The graduates of this program will be very competitive at the international labor market.

The aim

The program is aimed at providing students with fundamental data science education and developing strong mathematical, statistical, modeling and programming skills.


The main objectives of the program are the following:

  • to provide students with advanced knowledge in the field of Mathematical Modeling, Analysis,
  • to emphasise the need of using cutting-edge technologies
  • to differentiate between modern programming techniques needed for working with data (such as preparation, pre-processing, processing, and analytics)
  • to solve data analysis problems in various applied fields;
  • to develop soft skills (systemic and critical thinking, teamwork skills, self-management, interaction skills).

To ensure the learning outcomes are achieved, we have brought together highly professional academic staff with good command of English language and experienced researches in the filed of applied data analysis.