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The program is related to the organization of comprehensive services in the tourism industry. Specialists in this field are engaged in the development, promotion, and sale of products in various areas of tourism: accommodation, transport, catering, spa treatment, excursion services, tourist information resources.

Students conduct social and economic research in the tourism industry while studying the related economic and legal disciplines. Part of the course is devoted to designing, modeling, and management in the service sector, as well as the application of information technology in the tourism industry. Since tourism implies working in a multicultural environment, the program involves mastering and using a foreign language in professional activities. For bachelors of non-tourism programs, a basic course is provided that allows them to fully master this program. Students learn to work in various types of tourism: cultural, educational, historical, cultural, religious, environmental, active, event, entertaining, family. Some of the disciplines are taught by employers, which makes training as practical and relevant as possible.

Graduates can work at travel agencies, tour operators, tourist information centers, resorts, and museums.