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The Master’s program «Aquatic biological research» is focused on meeting the social needs in the fields of biology, ecology, and nature conservation of a global and regional society. The program is implemented with the International UNESCO Department School of Natural Sciences FEFU. The training courses are based on the author's work programs reflecting innovations and the latest advances in biology and ecology. 
Russian Far East is an intensively developing region with a presence of mineral and biological resources extraction industries, with an active presence of naval and merchant fleets, and with an active coastal and marine construction. 
The specific features of this program are based on the disciplines taught and on the in-depth study of environmental issues, as well as professional methods applied, which help form the professional competencies of the graduates. As part of the educational program, students conduct research, identify environmental threats, and develop new ways to clean the ocean from pollutants. 
This program prepares specialists for academic and research organizations, higher and secondary education institutions, various centers for monitoring of environmental pollution, natural reserves, government environmental protection, and control services.