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Assessment of the impact of planned structures or other forms of economic activity on the environment; environmental monitoring; analysis of private and general problems of the use of natural conditions and resources, environmental management; design of typical environmental protection measures; identification and diagnostics of nature conservation problems, development of practical recommendations for the preservation of the natural environment; production waste management; definition of problems, tasks and methods of scientific research; obtaining new information based on observations, experiments, scientific analysis of empirical data; abstracting of scientific papers, preparation of analytical reviews of the accumulated information in world science and industrial activity; generalization of the results obtained in the context of previously accumulated knowledge in science; formulation of conclusions and practical recommendations based on representative and original research results; conducting comprehensive studies of sectoral, regional, national and global environmental problems, developing recommendations for their resolution; assessment of the state, stability and forecast of the development of natural complexes; assessment of the health status of the population and the main demographic trends of the region according to the available statistical reporting data.