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Specializations within this programme

  • Information Systems and Technologies (Intelligent Information Systems and Technologies in Business)

    This programme trains specialists who are ready to solve problems of system integration: to create flexible information architecture of an organisation oriented at working in the conditions of uncertainty and variability of the business environment. The components of this architecture include software, hardware and organizational support, which must have the properties of flexibility and intelligence depending on the business development strategies.

    The programme implies studying the state-of-the-art intelligent information technologies and systems, the possibility of their integration and complex use for the creation of a corporate information space radically influencing the conditions and types of activities of socio-economic systems.

    First and foremost, this educational programme is aimed at research activities, but taking into consideration the needs of business, the training of Master’s degree students is also conducted in such fields of activities as innovative, project-based, organizational and managerial, and industrial ones.