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Specializations within this programme

  • Linguistics (Theory and Practice of Translation)

    The graduates who have completed the Master's degree programme in Theory and Practice of Translation will be able to fulfil their potential in organisations engaged in research and applied activities in the field of linguistics, translation, intercultural communication, as well as in related fields of humanitarian knowledge; in educational organisations, cultural organisations, mass media. The obtained classical humanitarian education will allow the graduates to easily adapt to new activities while creatively using the acquired competencies.

    During their studies in the Master's degree programme, the students will obtain the skills of scientific, critical, and creative thinking, as well as applied translation skills and abilities: they will be able to competently analyze, format, and promote the results of their own research activities, independently conduct scientific research in the field of language science; take part in scientific and practical conferences and grant research; lay out their professional career; learn to work as part of a research team; carry out qualified translation of various types of texts from two foreign languages into Russian and vice versa, provide qualified simultaneous or consecutive interpreting at international forums and negotiations; will be able to support the arrival of delegations from foreign countries.

    Field of future profession:

    • Institutions of governmental and intergovernmental management,
    • Institutions of higher education,
    • Cultural institutions,
    • Mass media,
    • Publishing,
    • International offices of governmental and non-governmental bodies,
    • Translation agencies.