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Specializations within this programme

  • Chemistry (Chemical Informatics)

    The educational programme is being fulfilled in the form of "project-based learning". Theoretical modelling of the structure of organic compounds at different-scale levels, and predicting the properties of organic polymers and biopolymers are in demand in a wide range of science-intensive tasks. This programme will introduce students to the basics of the methods of calculating molecular dynamics, docking, molecular modelling, utilitarian programming; teach students how to search for and analyse scientific information on their own; help them gain the skills in molecular-dynamic modelling of macromolecular and polymer objects. The project will result in creating a model of a polymer or biopolymer behaviour in solution, and comparing the in silico obtained characteristics to the available experimental data. The training being offered within a scientific research aimed at solving a specific problem will prepare students for independent research work and give them an early start to science, including thanks to the publications on the results of completing the project.